PTO Info

As parents of The Studio School students, you are all automatically members of the The Studio School PTO. The PTO is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the students by engaging in fundraising projects, supporting the various student enrichment activities, providing a forum for parent, teacher, and student interaction through community events, and promoting open communications between parents, teachers, and the entire Studio School community.

The PTO holds general meetings once per month, usually on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the library. Please check this website and our The Studio School Facebook page for updates on meeting dates and times as well as other useful news and info. PTO is open to parent feedback and input, so feel free to send a message with thoughts or suggestions any time! Children are welcome to attend PTO meetings with their parents.

We encourage all The Studio School parents with an interest in supporting the work of PTO to get involved. There are volunteer opportunities of all sizes and descriptions that could benefit from your talents. We look forward to seeing you!

PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Contacts


*Open positions for 2017/2018 school year

*President:  Schedule, attend and moderate all meetings of the PTO and of the Executive Board.  Make agendas for the meetings.  Coordinate the work of the Officers and Committees.  Meet with the Principal as needed regarding issues pertaining to the PTO.  Attend teacher/staff meetings as necessary.  Help with budget. Invite potential business partners to golf, then admit that you don’t play.

Vice President:  Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.  Be the key liaison to any Committees and attend Committee meetings as needed.  Manage the PTO calendar and discuss all calendar additions with School Office Manager prior to publishing calendar. Plot to assassinate the president and grab all the power.

*Secretary:  Keep an accurate record of the proceedings at all the PTO meetings.  Submit meeting minutes to President for approval.  Keep a record of who attends all meetings.  Keep the By-Laws and any other rules, regulations or guidelines adopted by the PTO up-to-date. Insert random comments into meeting notes to see if anyone reads them.

Treasurer:  Oversee the PTOs bank accounts, including tracking income and expenditures.  Prepare an annual budget for approval by the PTO.  Keep the members informed of income and expenditures as they relate to the approved budget.  Present a monthly Treasurer’s Report at the PTO meeting.  Reconcile bank account.  Speak in financial lingo at meetings so that no one understands you.

Fundraising Coordinator: Serve as a contact person for all main fundraising events.  Delegate committee heads for each fundraising event and attend individual fundraising committee meetings as necessary. Oversee committee heads on coordinating fundraising events as needed. Yell, “show me the money,” at inappropriate times during performances.

Fundraising Committee:

Box Tops Coordinator

Cupcake Friday coordinator

Spirit Night coordinator

Soiree Chairperson

*PTO Event Volunteer Coordinator:  Attend PTO sponsored events and check in the volunteers, making sure that all stations are covered. Attend event planning meetings and discuss volunteer needs.  Hug all the volunteers who show up to all the events and get sappy with your appreciation for them. Click Here for full description.

Electronic Signups Volunteer Coordinator:   Maintain SignUp Genius volunteer list by removing graduates and adding new volunteers at the beginning and middle of the year.  Attend planning meetings for events run by the PTO, and update or create signups based on the volunteer needs for each event. Share the signups with the community through email, flyers, skywriters, tattoos, and any other means necessary.  Click Here for full description.

*Communications Coordinator:  Maintain and update all PTO news, calendar, updates and content on website at  and Facebook page. Strive to keep parents informed of PTO events in multiple formats. Write and distribute PTO newsletters. Translate all communications into Russian, Binary, and Klingon.

*Staff Appreciation Coordinator:  Maintain a list of all staff appreciation and parent/teacher events.  Coordinate events such as: parent/teacher conferences lunches, Back to School appreciation gifts for staff and teachers, Birthday gifts for teachers/staff, end of year teacher/staff recognition. Perform a solo interpretive dance at the year end picnic to show your appreciation for staff.

*Yearbook Coordinator:  Be present at regularly scheduled school events to photograph student involvement.  Create layout, develop design and decide price structure of yearbook and present to PTO.  Coordinate printing, orders, money collection and distribution of yearbook. Photobomb as many of others photos as you can, since you are usually behind the camera.

Community Events Coordinator:  Serve as main contact person for all community building events. Many of these events may share duties with other committee heads.  Delegate committee heads for each community event and attend individual committee meetings as necessary. Follow Mrs. Kaczar around at events to make sure she has higher heels than anyone else.

After School Enrichment Coordinator:  Coordinate and organize all After School Enrichment programs and classes.  Serve as contact person for anyone who wishes to serve as an instructor for an After School Enrichment Program.  Present ideas to the PTO. Work closely with Principal in reviewing and gaining approval of plans, dates and space for all programs/classes.  Collect sign-up sheets, permission slips and fees associated with classes. Ensure that underwater basket-weaving is always offered after school.